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Sunday, October 3, 2021 2:41:00 PM

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By Mark Tomalonis
Advisor, WarehouseTWO

Why Are “Related Items” Important? 

Companies may not always assign product numbers in the same way the original manufacturer does, which can make it difficult for peer distributors to discover your product, or for you to find products that you want to purchase. Looking at related items in WarehouseTWO’s unique inventory sharing system allows distributors and buyers to cross-check inventory with items that may have different part numbers. 

How Related Items Helps You Sell 

It can be extremely hard to sell inventory that no one is searching for and needs change constantly. WarehouseTWO’s related item” search function can help prospective buyers discover items that they cannot otherwise find easily – simply due to naming issues.  

By expanding your local network to include relevant distributors across the globe, you can more easily discover a distributor’s or manufacturer’s relevant, quality surplus inventory. At WarehouseTWO, you can join and browse product inventories (at no cost!) and search for products you require to fill your needs. 

How Related Items Works 

At WarehouseTWO, the related item search will flag related components that may be part of a larger assembly, have a different part number, or are a substitute component similar to the one you searched for.  

You can disassemble, modify, and reassemble unwanted items into more profitable related items. The related items search can also be used to discover commodities that use different descriptions or part numbers. 

Related Items Drives Big Business 

Lets say you have a customer looking for an item that you do not have. A search at WarehouseTWO reveals a peer distributor has a related item ready to deliver to the customer. WarehouseTWO has done the work. All thats left to do is to contact the peer distributor and have them ship the item to your customer.  

Not only is the inventory problem solved, you may have discovered a new supplier. 

How Related Items Helps You Fulfill Consumer Orders 

Hard-to-find parts or outdated components are often in demand due to industrial breakdowns. Manufacturers do not always stock all these components resulting in long lead times to fill your orders. Meanwhile, your staff must be paid, and shipments expedited to keep your customers happy. 

Thankfully, the related item search can help you discover similar items or exact item matches that will work to keep your business running smoothly 

Related Items Saves You Money 

Inventory pricing can be set or changed at any time. Sometimes pricing is an issue, and can be negotiated by the parties involved 

Some of our members save on commission fees by selling and buying directly through our peer distributor network, a readily available group of buyers potentially in need of your related items. Our market place has no transaction fees – helping your business save even more. 

To save money, discover difficult to find inventory, and make your customers happy, become a member at WarehouseTWO today.  

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