The 3 Easiest Ways to Reduce Excess Inventory

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Categories: Inventory Management

By Mark Tomalonis
Principal, WarehouseTWO, LLC

Does your company own any inactive, excess or “dead” inventory?  Stop stressing out about it:  surplus inventory is merely unproductive cash taking up precious warehouse space.

Then again, maybe you should stress out about it a bit.  To help alleviate that stress, here are the 3 easiest ways to reduce excess inventory at your company.

#1.  Prevention

Manage your inventory better.  Avoiding the creation of future excess inventory is by far the best way to reduce excess inventory.  Start by giving the responsibility for inventory management to intelligent, well-trained, well-paid people.  Then give them the authority to impose inventory management “best practices”.  Give them the tools to achieve their goals, such as a modern ERP software system.  Read these helpful articles relating to excess inventory prevention:

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#2.  Throw it Away

This is really easy:

Step #1:  Rent dumpster.

Step #2:  Fill dumpster with excess inventory.

Step #3:  Empty dumpster into big hole in ground.

Step #4:  Repeat steps 1-3 as needed.

Just do it.  Take the tax write-off.

Then, learn from your mistakes.  And deploy preventative processes and policies to avoid these same mistakes in the future.  Here are two articles about learning from past inventory management or purchasing mistakes:

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Incidentally, I consider selling your excess inventory for pennies on the dollar to a scrap dealer or to a surplus dealer to be two variations of “throw it away”.


The #3 easiest way to reduce excess inventory is...

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