2019 Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Categories: Tips and Tricks

Each month (February through November), we offer up a tip or trick to help you maximize the value of your WarehouseTWO membership.  Here are the monthly tips for 2019.

FebruaryImposing tariff-based extra fees in addition to displayed prices?  Clearly explain that in the “How to Order” field in your location record(s).  Otherwise, recalculate your offer prices to include any tariff-based fees.  No surprises, please.

MarchUpload only items and quantities that you are willing to sell to another WarehouseTWO member.  If you are not willing to sell it, do not show it.  Repeatedly telling other members, “Sorry, this item is stocked for a specific end-customer of ours, and I cannot sell it to you” will quickly “black ball” you among other WarehouseTWO members.  For more tips on how to be a good player at WarehouseTWO, read our Inventory-Sharing Etiquette document.

April:  On the SEARCH screen, hitting the “Enter” (or “Return”) key on your keyboard performs the same function as clicking on the “SEARCH” button with your mouse.  This alternative method of initiating a search works only if your cursor is in either the "Part Number" or the "Description" field.

May:  When composing a “Broadcast Request” email inquiry, include qualifiers to improve the quality of responses.  Examples:  “Include an estimated freight cost in your reply”.  “I will accept partial quantities.”  I prefer responses only from distributors in <country> (to avoid duties/tariffs).”

June:  Use the manufacturer’s exact part number as the part number that you post to your WarehouseTWO account.  This is what other WarehouseTWO members and internet browsers will search for.   No one outside your company knows your internal part numbers, so no one will find your items if you post them using your internal part number.  Need more convincing about this tip?  Read this article.

JulyAdd extended-length descriptions to your WEB MARKET items.  Google and Bing are more likely to index your WEB MARKET item pages at our WEB MARKET website if each page has a greater amount of unique content.  Item descriptions can be up to 200 characters.  Click here to learn more about WEB MARKET.

August:  Include an offer price with every item you post for sale at WarehouseTWO.  Potential buyers are less likely to make the effort to contact you for your price, if the same item is offered by another seller at WarehouseTWO and an offer price is displayed by that other seller.

September:  Refresh your inventory data at least once per month.  The longer your data remains posted at WarehouseTWO, the lower your items will appear in SEARCH results.  (Results are sorted by part number, then by posted date, from newest to oldest.)  More importantly, the older your posting dates, the less likely that you will be contacted by a potential buyer.  Bonus tip:  using the "Export Current Postings to File" functionality on the POST INVENTORY screen, you can easily re-set your currently posted items' posted dates.

October:  Post as many items, to as many communities, as your membership level allows.  Offering just a few of your surplus items may not be enough to get a sale.  Buyers come back to WarehouseTWO only if they frequently find what they need to meet their end-customers’ needs.  Contribute to a “department store variety” of products, by posting your active inventory in addition to your surplus inventory.

November:  Choose the best inventory data postings “expiration period” for your situation. Suggested guidelines:

  • If you post your data AUTOMATICALLY, either every night or every weeknight, select “After 7 Days” and check the box labeled “Auto-Delete Unrefreshed Records” on your location record(s). With these settings, your data will always be fresh but will stay on the WarehouseTWO website if your nightly upload fails. With this setting, account administrators will not receive inventory data expiration reminder emails.

  • If you post your data manually, select “After 30 Days”. Account administrators (and non-administrators set to receive reminder emails) will receive email reminders five days before any inventory data record is set to expire.

We do not recommend that you select “After 1 Day”, “After 90 Days”, or “After 365 Days”. Ask us why.