2018 Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Categories: Tips and Tricks

Each month (February through November), we offer up a tip or trick to help you maximize the value of your WarehouseTWO membership.  Here are the monthly tips for 2018.

FebruaryKeep your item descriptions short.  Your descriptions should be no longer than forty (40) characters.  This will keep your posted items displayed in one line, allowing for more items to appear on the screen.  As long as you are using the manufacturer's EXACT part number as your posted part number, other distributors should know what your posted item is, even without a long description.  (Are you NOT using the manufacturer's EXACT part number in your ERP system?  Yikes.  Put your new employees out of their misery:  click here.)

MarchAn "Out of Office" response to a BROADCAST REQUEST inquiry may be a lost sale.  Rather than have a single point of contact to receive BROADCAST REQUEST emails from other WarehouseTWO members, use a "group" email address in your location record(s).  Refer to item #3 on page 12 of our ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE tutorial PDF for where to make this change.

AprilThe WarehouseTWO website requires that cookies be accepted by your browser.  (A cookie is how we know if you are already logged into our website if you return to it after closing the browser window without first logging out.)

MayGive yourself more than five (5) days' notice before your inventory data postings expire.  The default timing of our "Your Inventory Posting at WarehouseTWO is About to Expire" email notification is five (5) days prior to one or more records expiring.  If you need more time, change the value of five (5) days to some other number (10?  15?), using the "Inventory Data Expiration" functionality in our "System Notifications" module  Refer to page 4 of our Advanced System Notifications tutorial PDF.

JuneArchive your manually uploaded inventory data file.  If your inventory data posting has expired, upload the most recently uploaded file, to give you some extra time to create a fresh inventory data upload file.  Click here to learn more about uploading inventory data to the WarehouseTWO system. 

JulyVerify that your response to a BROADCAST REQUEST or buyer inquiry email is addressed to the correct email address.  These emails are sent from customerservice@warehousetwo.com.  But that is not the email to which you should send your response.  Follow the instructions shown in the first sentence of the email, which is written in red font and highlighted in yellow.  It looks like this:

(To respond to this inquiry, click "Reply" and then verify that your response email is addressed to <sender's email address>.)

AugustWhen creating a password for your WarehouseTWO user account, select one that you do not use for any other business or personal account.  This is because our system lets your company's account administrators see your password.  You can change your password by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the screen, after logging into our website.

SeptemberBefore requesting access to a branded inventory-sharing community at WarehouseTWO, verify that your company is listed in the corresponding manufacturer's on-line distributor locator tool.  This is how we check to see if you are an authorized distributor of the product line corresponding to the brand-specific community.  If we do not see your company listed at the manufacturer's website, we will deny you access to the corresponding community.  This is because it is WarehouseTWO's business model to protect and support a manufacturer's assigned wholesaler-distributor network, not to disrupt it.

OctoberTeach your field sales people how to use WarehouseTWO's mobile-friendly search functions.  Performing a stock-check for an end-customer, while in front of the end-customer, can be a powerful customer satisfaction tool.

NovemberMouse-less cursor movement on the Search and Multi-Search pages:  "Alt-P" moves the cursor to the "Part Number" field.  "Alt-D" moves it to the "Item Description" field.